Best brush set for miniature painting -extra small

brushes for details

Four high quality brushes for miniature painting in extra small sizes. These minitaure painting brushes are made of our prime synthetik Kolinsky “Martisan Kolinsky”. This “Martisan Kolinsky”  is caracterized by high elasticty, hold the brush shape well and absorbs good color.The triangular handles developed by kolibri are very comfortable to hold in the hand and allow an exactly control of the brush. When you place these miniature painting brushes on your workstation it does not roll off the table. Our best miniature painting brushes are available from smallest size 20-0 up to size 2. The smallest size 20-0 has an inside diameter of only 0.42 mm (0.01653 inch). Our best brush set for miniature painting -“extra small” contains the 4 smallest brushes in size 20-0, 10-0, 5-0 and 3-0 .

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Best brush set for miniature painting
  • 4 high quality brushes for detail work with finest tips.
  • made of prime synthetic Kolinsky, so named “Martisan Kolinsky”, only by kolibri
  • brush sizes 20-0, 10-0, 5-0 and 3-0
  • special triangular wooden handles
  • packed in clear plastic bags with header
  • item no.: PB 121 48
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