Brushes for acrylic and oil painting – “Acryllo”

artist brushes for acyrlic paints of stiff synthetic hair.

High end artists brushes for acrylic and oil paints of stiff brown, superelastic synthetic hair. Like all our brushes handmade. We ofer flat brushes, flat brushes with cat’s tongue shape and round brushes with best tip. These brushes ara available from smallest size 0 up to largest size 50.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • oil and acrylic paint brushes – “Acryllo”
  • stiff superelastic synthetic hair
  • seamless nickel plated ferrules
  • long varnished handles
  • Round and pointed brushes – item no. 8409
  • available sizes: from # 0 (d=1.7mm) up to #50 (d=22.5mm)
  • Brights- flat brushes – item no. 7409
  • available sizes: from # 2 (w=3.1mm) up to #50 (w=56.5.5mm)
  • Filbert brushes – item no. 1409
  • available sizes: from # 2 (w=3.1mm) up to #40 (w=47.6mm)
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