Brushes for acrylic and oil painting – “Mongoose Imi Mix”

Mongoose imitation artis brsuhes for oil and acrylic colours

Artist brushes for oil and acyrlic paints. These brushes are made of special synthetic hair blend with similar characteristics like Mongoose hair. Soft tips, a powerful and highly flexible extra long brush body with high color-capacity. Ideal for filmy structures and strong contrasts in oil and acrylic painting.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • oil and acrylic paint brushes – “Mongoose Imi Mix”
  • blend of synthetic hair
  • seamless nickel plated ferrules
  • long varnished handles
  • Round brushes – item no. 87813
  • available sizes: from # 2 (d=2.7mm) up to #30 (d=14.1mm)
  • Flats- flat brushes – item no. 77813
  • available sizes: from # 2 (w=3.1mm) up to #30 (w=34.5mm)
  • Filbert brushes – item no. 17713
  • available sizes: from # 2 (w=3.1mm) up to #30 (w=34.5mm)
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