Brushes for Watercolor painting kolibri “RSM Line”

watercolour paint brushes kolibri RSM

New brushes for watercolor painting by kolibri, made of a newly developed blend of synthetic and natural hair. Not only the colour of the hair, but also the characteristics of the hair mixture are very similar to the real Red Sable hair. These kolibri watercolor brushes have fine tips, a strong brush body with high elasticity and a good paint absorption. But a big difference are the prices. While real Red Sable watercolor brushes are almost unaffordable, especially in the large sizes, our new kolibri RSM brushes for watercolor painting have reasonable prices even in large sizes.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Watercolor brushes “kolibri RSM”
  • artist paint brushes made of a blend of synthetic and animal hair;
  • These artist paint brushes are well suitable for watercolor painting, for tempera and gouache;
  • seamless nickel plated brass ferrules
  • varnished wooden handles
  • item no.: 88 RSM
  • available sizes: from 10-0 (dia=0,9 mm) up to size 20 (dia=11,5 mm)
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