Enamel brushes

laminating bristle brushes -light hog bristles or black hog bristles

We offer Enamel brushes handmade of light bristles and alternative made of black bristles. Our enamel brushes are still handcrafted in our company and so we supply the brushes in high quality. Alternative we offer light bristle enamel brushes also made by machine, cheaper and simple quality.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Enamel brushes
  • light or black hog bristles
  • tin ferrules
  • unvarnished wooden handles
  • item no. for light bristle brushes: 2220
  • item no. for black bristle brushes: 2290
  • available sizes: from # 10 (0) w= 11,5mm up to size 20 (5) ww= 24 mm)
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