kolibri “Dry Brushes”

Dry brushes for ceramic design, for figures painting and models

For all dry brush techniques we offer our Dry Brush series 218OV. These special artist brushes are made of a soft, but very durable synthetic goat hair imitation. A very precisely worked dome shape of the brushes allows Dry brush techniques for desingning ceramic, figures and models. These dry brushes are also very well suited for all dry-techniques with pastel, coal and crayon, to create blur and shadow effects.


Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Kolibri dry brushes made of durable synthetic goat hair
  • These Dry brushes are best suited for all dry brush techniques on ceramic, on metal, wood, paper and cardboard
  • oval – dome shape
  • seamless nickel plated ferrules
  • all kolibriu dry brushes have green stained wooden handles
  • Dry brushes are available in 5 sizes:  #3 (dia 2,0mm), #8 (dia 5,8mm), #12 (dia 7,7mm), #13 (dia 9,0mm) and #16 (dia 11,5mm)
  • item no.: 218 OV


Dry brush dome shape by kolibri

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