Long liner brush

script liner brushes of elastic synthetic hair

Long liner brush or sometimes also named script liner for miniature and precision painting. You can choose between two length of hairs: 12 mm (1/2″) hair lenght or 25 mm (1″) hair length. The used synthetic hair is very elastic and the brushes are made with exact tip. Best suitable to create long scrolling or straight lines.


Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Long lner brushes – script liner
  • very elastic synthetic hair
  • finest tips
  • seamless nickel plated ferrules and varnished wooden handles
  • available sizes: # 10-0 (d=0.9 mm) up to # 1 (d= 1.9mm)
  • item no. for hair length 12 mm (1/2″): 8404-12
  • item no. for hair length 25 mm (1″): 8405-25
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