“Martisan Kolinsky” paint brushes for details

Miniatur brushes kolibri

Brand new, high-quality paint brushes for detail work. These paint brushes are available from smalles 20-0 up to size 2. Size 20-0 has an incredibly small diameter of just 0.42 mm / 0.0165 inches. Our synthetic “Martisan Kolinsky” with its high elasticity, stability and fine tips allows very detailed work. The newly developed triangular wooden brushe handles are very comfortable to hold and allows precise control of the brush. When you place the brush on the workstation, it does not roll off the desk, which makes a quick change of different brushes possible during the work.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Paint brushes for detail work made of kolibri synthetic “Martisan Kolinsky”
  • best suited brushes for model and figures painting and all precise working
  • seamless highly accurate nickel plated ferrules
  • short very handy wooden handles, green metallic lacquered
  • available beginning smallest size 20-0 (inner dia 0.42 mm) up to size 2
  • item no.: 0555
miniture brushes for detailed working size 20-0

paint brush for details-size 20-0 by kolibri

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