Pinstriping brushes “Synthetic Golden Sable”

syntehtic hair sword liner brush

Pinstriping brush or often called Sword liner brush made of our “Synthetic Golden Sable”. The hair is very elastic and the tip of brush is very fine and stable. The disadvantage of this kind of hair is the smaller absorption of liquids or colours ( e.g. compared with squirrel hair). That’s why we recommend this kind of brush for working with thicker colours.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Pinstriping brush or sword liner brush
  • “Synthetic Golden Sable” hair
  • seamless nickel plated brass ferrules
  • varnished handles ( please note: length of handles 130 mm)
  • available sizes: from # 2-0 (w=6.0mm) up to # 2 (w=11.5mm)
  • item no.: 526NY
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