Red Sable brushes for finest details

Miniature and detail brushes made of red sable hair and triangular wooden handles.

One of our best sellers for miniature figures and detail painting – Red Sable brushes from smalles sizes 10-0 up to size 6. The brushes are the perfect tool with the following advantages: stable and elastic tip of the brushes, the handles fits perfectly into the hand and does not roll off the table.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Brushes for small details
  • pure Red Sable hair
  • seamless nickel plated brass ferrules
  • red-metallic polished triangular handles
  • available sizes: from smallest size 10-0 (inner diameter 0.50mm) up to size 6 (inner diameter 3.5mm)
  • item no. 333
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