brush kit for art and craft

Craft & Hobby brush set “Uni – Synthetic”

5 high quality brushes of our "synthetic golden sable" for various paintings and applications. The set includes 2 round and pointed brushes, 2 flat brushes and one fan blender.

paint brush kit for watercolours and tempera

Hobby brush set “Aquarell – Start”

Watercolour and tempera painting brush set for beginner. The brushes of the set are made of squirrel hair mixture. The set includes 3 round and pointed brushes and one flat brush.

craft and hobby bristle brush kit.

Hobby brush set “Bristle”

Paint brush set for craft and hobby consisting of 7 flat bristle brushes with short handles. The brush set is suitable for watercolor painting, for gouache and as well for oil paints. There are 7 flat bristle brushes from size 2 up to size 14.  

brush kit for decoupage

Hobby brush set “Decoupage”

Hobby and Craft decoupage brush set. It contains two flat brushes made of nylon hair in sizes 10 & 14 and one 1 Inch width bristle brushes.

brush kit of pony hair brushes and bristle brushes suitable for school and hobby.

Hobby brush set “Pony & Bristle”

Paint brush set for school, for hobby and for craftmans. The set contains 3 round pony hair brushes in sizes 4, 6 and 8 and 3 flat bristle brushes in sizes 8,10 and 12.

silk and fabric painting brush kit kit

Hobby brush set “Silk & Fabric”

The hobby brush set for silk and fabric painting is the perfect basic equipment. One small synthetic brushes with fine tip for details, one round ox ear hair brush with high capacity for lines and other creations  and one oval wash brush for areas and to blur.

oil and acrylic brush kit

Oil and acrylic paint brush set

Basic brush set for oil and acrylic painting consisting of one Bristle Bright for grounding, two round and pointed brushes from our "Synthetic Golden Sable" for detail painting and one flat brush for area work.

acrylic paint brush kit

Oil and acrylic paint brush set “Acryllo”

Our brush set "Acryllo" is ideal for all acrylic paints and as well for oil colours.The brushes are made of stiff brown, superelastic synthetic hair. The paint brush sets contains one round and pointed brush for details, two flat brushes for area work and one Filbert as combination from round and flat.

paint brush kit for oil and acrylic paints.

Oil and acrylic paint brush set “Martisan Kolinsky”

"Martisan Kolinsky" brushes are manufactured from a new developed mixture of synthetic hair. Different diameters and different lengths of hair guarantee high elasticity. The unique surface of the hair shaft in conjunction with the brush body assures high color capacity. The life of these brushes surpass that of natural hair brushes, especially when working on rough surfaces."Martisan Kolinsky" brushes are available in different shapes: Rounds, Brights, Filberts and Fan Blenders, with short handles and with long handles. The brush set contains 1 round and pointed brushes for details and 3 flat brushes (Brights) for area work.

brush kit for oil and acrylic colours.

Oil and acrylic paint brush set “Mongoose Imi”

Our synthetic Mongoose Imitationen brushes are well suited for oil and acrylic paints. The brush set "Mongoose Imi" contains a total of 4 brushes. One round brush for details in size 2, two Brights in sizes 4 & 12 and one Filbert in size 4.