Brushes for dental labs

High quality brushes for dental labs, Kolinsky brushes, Synthetic brushes for porcelain, brushes for modelling and insulating brushes for dental laboratories. Every brush is handmade in Germany and meets highest demands. The brushes guarantee dimensional stability and durabilty of the brush tip. The brushes are offerd with different designed wooden-handles.

procelain brush for dental labs

Ceramic & Porcelain Brushes – synthetic hair

Round and pointed Ceramic & Porcelain brushes for dental labs, made of our "Synthetic Golden Sable"

doubel end brush-one side squirrel hair, second side bristle

Combi Brush

Combi - double den brush with one round and pointed Squirrel hair brushe in size 4 and second side round-oval hog bristle brush.

flat Bristle brush for dental lab

Insulation Brush

Modeling and insulation brushes for dental labs. Brushes are made of pure white hog bristles in 3 different sizes.

kolinsky brushes for dental labs

Kolinsky Brush for dental labs, “Draw- Stain Brush”

Kolinsky Brushes for dental labs, so named "Draw-Stain Brush"

Kolinsky brushes for ceramic & porcelain

Kolinsky Porcelain Brushes

Classical porcelain brushes for dental labs. From size 6 the brushes have metal balls in the ferrules.

Kolinsky Malpinsel für Dentallabore

Kolinsky Porcelain Brushes – ergonomic handles

Kolinsky porcelain brushes for dental labs with ergonomic wooden handles. Beginning size 6 every brush with metal balls in the ferrules.

Big Brush with Acrylic glass handles

Kolinsky Premium Big Brush “K2”

Kolibri Big Brush made of special prepared pure Kolinsky hair and clear acrylic glass handles. Between ferrule and handle there are two visible metal balls.

Porcelain brush for dental lab -kolinsky Big Brush

Kolinsky Premium Brush – “Big Brush”

Kolibri Premium Big Brush for porcelain working in dental labs. Made of special prepared pure Kolinsky hair with metal balls in the ferrule.

round and pointed Kolinsky brush for dental lab

Kolinsky- Separating Brush

Round Kolinsky brushes for dental labs, so named "Separating brush"

Red Sable brushes for dental labs- opaquer brush

Opaque Brush

Pure Red Sable flat Opaquer brush.

pure brushes for porcelain working in dental labs

Pure Cleaning Brush

Brushes for dental labs "Pure Cleaning Brush" round with tip, made of natural hair mixture

brush for dental lab - wax brush

Wax Brush

Round wax brush for dental lab, made of synthetic bristle.

squirrel hair super soft wax brush

Wax Brush super soft

Wax brush amde of pure squirrel hair - super soft. If you are looking for a specific product and you have not found it yet, pelase ask us. We will be happy to advise you with many years of professional competence. Please use our contact-form