Artist paint brushes for detail work

kolibri artist paint brushes for detail work and painting of small details. These miniature brushes are best suited for model and figure painting and other applications.Every brush is handmade in Germany, by kolibri. We offer detail brushes made of Kolinsky & Red Sable, brushes made of blend of Red Sable and paint burshes made of different kinds of synthetic hair and synthetic hair mixtures. We produce the brushes from smallest size 20-0 up to size 8. For our high quality brushes we use different handle shapes.


Pinsel für Miniaturenmalerei, brushes for miniture painting

Retouching Brushes “Martisan Kolinsky”

High end touch up paint brushes with extra short hair length, made of our synthetic  "Martisan Kolinsky" . These retouching paint brushes works very exact by the extra short and very elastic prime synthetic hair.  

synthetic miniature and detail brushes with grip handles

Synthetic brushes for details

Our paint brushes  "black-silver" are best suited for miniature and detail painting with acrylic colors. The black synthetic hair is very elastic and each hair has a perfect tip. The handles lie well in the hand.

Miniature and detail brushes made of gold synthetic hair.

Synthetic gold brushes for details

Paint brushes for detailed work, for fine detailes, for miniature figures painting and for universal use in model building. The brushes are made of gold synthetic hair. The brushes are universally usable, for  acrylic paints and as well for special colors for model building.

Brushe for miniature figures painting and for model building

Synthetic Golden Sable brushes for finest details

Like our Red Sable brushes for finest details another best sellers for miniature figures and detail painting - "Synthetic Golden Sable" brushes from smalles sizes 10-0 up to size 6. The brushes are the perfect tool with the following advantages: stable and elastic tip of the brushes, the handles fits perfectly into the hand and does not roll off the table.