Nail Brushes

special effect brushes made of "synthetic golden sable"

Comb brush “Synthetic Golden Sable”

Comb brushes "synthetic golden sable" by kolibri are made of mixture of elastic "synthetic golden sable" hair. These brushes are suitable to create effects.

rigger brush-nail art liner brush

Lining brush – “Synthetic Golden Sable”

These lining brushes are manufactured with very elastic synthetic hair, with medium hair length and very stiff tip.

script liner brushes of elastic synthetic hair

Long liner brush

Long liner brush or sometimes also named script liner for miniature and precision painting. You can choose between two length of hairs: 12 mm (1/2") hair lenght or 25 mm (1") hair length. The used synthetic hair is very elastic and the brushes are made with exact tip. Best suitable to create long scrolling or straight lines.  

flat- slanted shape

One stroke brush – angular

Very precisely worked synthetic hair brush with flat-slanted shape for nail art techniques.

nail art brushes, cat's tongue shape

One stroke brush – cat’s tongue

Nailbrush in cat's tongue shape made of soft, but elastic synthetic hair. The brushes are very precise.

synthetic nail art brush flat

One stroke brush – flat

Very carefully crafted flat synthetic hair brush with a straight shape for nail art techniques.

kolinsky one stroke brush flat

Pure Kolinsky brush – flat

High quality flat brushes made of best kolinsky hair with medium hair length. Especially size 6 and 8 are well suited for UV nail gel. Smaller sizes are suited for nail art.

kolinsky nail acrylic brushes round with best tip art

Pure Kolinsky brush – round

Pure Kolionsky brushes round and with finest tip.Frequently used in sizes 6 and 8 for nail acrylic and the smaller sizes (e.g. size 10-0 with diameter of 0,5mm) are well suited for fingernail art.

one stroke brush made of red sable, slanted shape

Pure Red Sable brush – angular

High quality and very precisely handmade flat- angular brushes made of pure Red Sable with medium hair length. The brushes are often so called one stroke brushes. Well suited for different nail art techniques.

uv nail gel brushes, cat's tongue shape

Pure Red Sable brush – cat’s tongue

High end cat's tongue brushes made of pure Red Sable. Well suited for nail art techniques and in larger sizes for uv nail gel.