Nail Brushes

uv nail gel brushes, cat's tongue shape

Pure Red Sable brush – cat’s tongue

High end cat's tongue brushes made of pure Red Sable. Well suited for nail art techniques and in larger sizes for uv nail gel.

classic round nail brushes made of pure red sable.

Pure Red Sable brush – classic round

These classic round pure Red sable brushes are the workhorses for traditional watercolor techniques and as well for a lot of other applications, like acrylic techniques for fingernails and for fingernail- art.

UV nail gel brush made of pure red sable

Pure Red Sable brush – flat

High quality flat brushes made of pure Red Sable with medium hair length. Especially size 6 and 8 are well suited for UV nail gel. Smaller sizes are suited for nail art.

pure red sable rigger brush

Pure Red Sable liner brush

Red Sable liner with medium hair lenght for miniature and precision painting.

graphic and retouching brushes made of red sable

Pure Red Sable retouching brush

Pure Red Sable retouching brushes with extra short hair length. By the short hair length the brushes get an inherently stable pointed tip. Best suited for detail painting.

pocket and travel brushes

Retractable brushes

Pocket or retractable brushes we are offering in various shapes, such as flat brushes, round and pointed brushes or cat's tongue shape. All types of brushes can be made of different kind of hair, such as Red Sable or synthetic hair. Also we are offering different types of the sets, e.g. silver, silver matt, cherry red and black.

brush rack small for table with 9 compartments

Table display for brushes

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