Oil & Acrylic Brushes

Artist bristle brushes, kolinsky and red sable brushes for art and craft. Brushes for acrylic and oil painting made of high quality synthetic hair and made of different synthetic blend. Acrylic and oil paint brushes are available in different shapes, like round with finest brush tips, flat brushes, filbert brushes and angleded shaped. Every brush made by hand in Germany, by the traditional brush manufacturer “kolibri”.

acrylic paint brushes of synthetic bristles with rough surface

Brushes for acrylic painting – “Acryllo” – gold

Paint brushes, often also called Brights and Filberts for acrylic colors. The brushes are made of elastic synthetic bristles with rough surfaces to enlarge the capacity of acrylic paints.The flat brushes we are offering with short handles and alternative with long handles.

brushes for acrylic painting of synthetic bristle

Brushes for acrylic painting – “Acryllo” – white

Brights for acrylic paints and Rounds (round-oval shaped) for acrylic paints made of stiff synthetic bristle. These brushes are well suited for pastose acrylic paints and for rough surfaces.

brights and rounds for oil painting

Brushes for oil painting – “Sabeline”

High- quality oil brights and oil rounds for oil painting. The brushes are made of so called "Sable-Imitation" (it means first class dyed ox ear hair). This hair is a good alternative to expansive Red Sable hair. These brushes we offer with unvarnished handles and with varnished handles.  

brushes for oil painters made of cuttle ear hair

Brushes for oil painting – brown ox ear hair

For artists and hobby painters and also for different applications in industry and commerce ox ear hair brushes are well suited and particularly attractively priced. We offer light brown ox ear hair brushes in various shapes and with unvarnished or lacquered long handles.

Ox ear hair brushes for oil colors

Brushes for oil painting – dark brown ox ear hair

Like light brown ox ear hair is also dark brown ox ear hair well suited for oil painting and particularly attractively priced. Our used dark brown ox ear hair has fine tips and good elasticity. Brushes are available as Brights and as well as Rounds.

Oil paint Brights and oil paint Rounds of fitch hair

Brushes for oil painting – Fitch hair

Traditional brushes for oil colours made of blended Russian Polecat (Fitch) hair. This kind of natural hair is characterized by fine tips, high elasticity and good paint holding capacity. The brushes are available as Oil Brights and Oil Rounds  

artists oil brigts and rounds

Brushes for oil painting – hog bristle brushes

Classic bristle brushes for oil painting made of white Chungking hog bristles. These brushes have medium bristle lengths and are also known under the names Oil Artists Brights, Oil Artists Rounds and Filberts. We are manufacturing these brushes from smallest size up to larges sizes.  

basic hog bristle brushes for oil paints

Brushes for oil painting – hog bristles – basic line

Basic flat hog bristle brushes, made of natural white hog bristles, aluminum ferrules and long unvarnished handles. Avvailable from smallest size 2 up to larges size 30. These basic line brushes are well to use for simple paintings, for different applications in handicraft and industry.

flat- oval oil paint bristle brushes

Fitch brushes – flat – extra long

Fitch brushes, flat oval shaped and made from best white hog bristles and extra long bristle length. Best suited for oil painting.

flat-oval oil paint bristle brush

Fitch brushes – flat – standard line

Flat - oval fitch brushes made of light hog bristle, tin ferrules and unvarnished handles.