Oil & Acrylic Brushes

Artist bristle brushes, kolinsky and red sable brushes for art and craft. Brushes for acrylic and oil painting made of high quality synthetic hair and made of different synthetic blend. Acrylic and oil paint brushes are available in different shapes, like round with finest brush tips, flat brushes, filbert brushes and angleded shaped. Every brush made by hand in Germany, by the traditional brush manufacturer “kolibri”.

Oil paint brushes - bristle rounds for oil paints

Fitch brushes – round – extra long

Fitch brushes, round with slight tip and made from best white hog bristle and extra long bristle length. Best suited for oil painting.

round-oval oil paint bristle brush

Fitch brushes – round – standard line

Round - oval fitch brushes made of light hog bristle, tin ferrules and unvarnished handles.

Synthetic brushes for oil and acrylic colors.

Universal paint brush line – “Synthetic Golden Sable”

For artists and hobby painters our "Synthetic Golden Sable" paint brush line at any time is a good choose. The highly elastic hair is characterized by very fine tips. We make these brushes in different shapes, from very small brushes up to the largest.