School and Hobby

synthetic pony hair brushes for school and hobby

“For Colorful Hobby” Brush line

New attractive brush assortment for school & hobby. The brushes are made of synthetic pony hair-better than the natural pony hair. The synthetic pony hair holds form well, has good elasticity, is durable and doesn't lose hair. The handles are complete water-based, low-solvent varnished. We offer a complete assortment of round, flat and wide brushes.

hog bristle brushes in different shapes, like flat brushes, round stencil brushes and wide bristle brushes

Bristle brushes for art & craft

We manufacture various types of brushes for art, craft and school. Flat bristle brushes with short handles from size 2 up to size 20, stencil brushes from size 2 up to size 16 and wide bristle brushes from size 1/2" up to 4".

laminating bristle brushes -light hog bristles or black hog bristles

Enamel brushes

We offer Enamel brushes handmade of light bristles and alternative made of black bristles. Our enamel brushes are still handcrafted in our company and so we supply the brushes in high quality. Alternative we offer light bristle enamel brushes also made by machine, cheaper and simple quality.

hobby paint brushes of black ox ear hair, round and flat

Ox ear hair hobby brushes

Black ox ear hair absobs well liquids and colors. That's why the ox ear hair brushes are well suited for watercolor painting, for painting silk and farbics as well and some other applications with liquid paints.  We offer flat ox ear hair brushes and round ox ear hair brushes. Wide black ox ear brushes you'll see in our categorie "flat brushes & mottler"

brushes for watercolorists of squirrel hair mixture

Squirrel hair hobby brushes

Brushes are made of an absorsbent squirrel hair blend and best suited for watercolours and other liquid mediums. The fine tips of brushes allow detail work. The brushes are available from size 2-0 for finest details up to large size 24 for area work.

round and flat hobby and school synthetic paint brushes

Synthetic brush line “Primus”

Our synthetic paint brushes "Primus" are best suited for school and hobby. The brushes are available as round and pointed brushes and as flat brushes. Good quality in conjunction with reasonable prices  make these brushes to an essential brush for various applications. Please have also a look to our brush set kolibri "Primus".

paint brushes with acrylic glass handles for art and craft

Synthetic brush line “Synthetic Golden Sable”

Synthetic brushes made of our tested and popular "Synthetic Golden Sable" hair with slanted crystal clear acrylic glass handles. Our "Synthetic Golden Sable hair" is very elastic and  is characterized by the finest tips. These brushes are available as round and pointed brushes, as liners and as flat brushes. The perfect paint brushes for art & craft.  

brushes for napkins and decoupage

Synthetic brushes for napkins and decoupage

We offer two kinds of brushes for napkins and decoupage. One series is made of gold nylon hair with rough surface and the other one is made of super elastic brown synthetic filaments. The brushes with elastic brown synthetic hair are also best suited for acrylic painting.

camel hair brushes round and flat

Traditional pony hair brushes

Pony hair brushes for hobby and school are really traditional brushes. Because pure pony hair is very soft, we are using a pony hair blend to get a little stronger brush. This pony hair mixture often is named also "camel hair". We manufacture round and flat camel hair brushes. The brushes are available with economical unpolished handles or with varnished handles.