Watercolor Brushes

kolibri brushes for watercolors- made of best Kolinsky hair, Red Sable hair, pure Squirrel hair, special blends of squirrel hair and as well made of ox ear hair. kolibri offers also high quality brushes for watercolor painting made of synthetic squirrel imitation. Every kolibri watercolor brush is handcrafted in Germany.

Synthetic brushes for watercolours

“Martisan Kolinsky” Brush Line

"Martisan Kolinsky" brushes are manufactured from a new developed mixture of synthetic hair. Different diameters and different lengths of hair guarantee high elasticity. The unique surface of the hair shaft in conjunction with the brush body assures high color capacity. The life of these brushes surpass that of natural hair brushes, especially when working on rough surfaces."Martisan Kolinsky" brushes are available in different shapes: Rounds, Brights, Filberts and Fan Blenders, with short handles and with long handles.

watercolor brush series "SQI-Aquarell Line"

Brushes for Watercolors “kolibri SQI-Aquarell Line”

Our kolibri watercolor brush series "SQI-Aquarell Line" includes 3 different brush shapes: Pointed round, English Wash brush and Dagger Shader. Furthermore we are making SQI-Fan brushes, SQI-French Watercolor brushes and SQI-Mottler. Brushes of our SQI-Line are made from high quality synthetic squirrel imitation. It looks lie real squirrel, the feeling while working is like working with real squirrel brushes.  

comb rushes-effect brushes

Comb Brush

Comb Brush are essential in creating effects and in creating hair, grass, wood garining and more. Our comb brushes are made of special mixture of our "Synthetic Golden Sable" hair.  

Qill Mop with best tip from the kolibri SQI-Line

French Watercolor Brushes

French Watercolor Brushes made of synthetic squirrel imitation. The tuft is secured to the wood handle by a synthetic quill  and wrapped in four places with brass wire. The brushes can hold a large quantity of water respective watercolors.When wet the brushes have a absolutely perfect tip.

Watercolor brushes made of best Kolinsky hair

Kolinsky Brushes

Round brushes made of best and pure Kolinsky hair.

Kolinsky Watercolor brushes "Golden Star" by kolibri

Kolinsky Brushes “Golden Star”

Kolinsky Brushes "Golden Star" by kolibri are Top Class brushes. We are manufacturing "Golden Star" Kolinsky brushes in 3 different shapes: round with finest tips, cat's tongue shape and flat brushes  

Oval Mop brushes made of best squirrel hair

Oval English Wash Brush

Oval Wash Brushes made of best Russian Blue Squirrel hair,  which can hold large quantities of water or watercolors.

English wash brushes and flat wash brushes

Oval English Wash Brushes and Flat Wash Brushes

Oval Wash Brush and Flat brushes made of blend of fine hair which can hold large quantities of water or watercolors. For these series we are using the fine hair mixtures to get a reasonable price. If you are interested in Oval Wash Brush made of best Russian Squirrel hair please see our series 1028.

kolibri ox ear hair watercolor brushes

Ox Ear Hair Watercolor Brushes

These short handled light ox ear hair brushes are very well suitable for painting watercolors and oil painting . Ox ear hair is one of the oldest hair used for brushes due the high capacity to hold liquids and pigments, like watercolors and oil.

brushes for pastel artists

Pastel Brushes

Synthetic brushes designed for pastel artists. Suitabel for dry-techniques with pastel, coal and crayon. To use for applying, blurs & details. The brushes made of soft, but hard wearing synthetic hair.  

Red Sable Touch Up brushes

Red Sable Retouch Brushes

kolibri Kolinsky Retouch brushes are suited best for detailed work, touch-up, lithography, for figures painting and modelling.

watercolor brushes made of Red Sable hair

Red Sable Watercolor Brushes

Red Sable watercolor brushes in 3 different shapes for watercolor painting, for graphic and modelling.

pointed round watercolor brushes of real squirrel hair

Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes

Pure Squirrel hair watercolor brushes, pointed round with short varnished woode handles. The brushes are the workhorses for traditional watercolor painter. Due the fine tip of squirrel hair brushes they are useful for details, for lines from very thin to very thick and also to fill and for area painting. Squirrel hair brushes have a large capacity to hold watercolors.  

Synthetic brushes for watercolour painting

Synthetic Watercolor Brushes “White Star”

Synthetic Brushes made of our "White Star" synthetic hair are well suitable for watercolor, for gouache, tempera and acrylic painting. Through the fine tips of the brushes the smaller sizes are very good to use for graphic, miniature and retouch.

Synthetic brushes for watercolour painting

Synthetic Watercolour Brushes “Synthetic Golden Sable”

Burshes made of our "Synthetic Golden Sable" are well suitable for watercolor, oil and acrylic.We are manufacturing various shapes- flat,angle flat, cat's tongue, round with finest tips,fan brushes and dagger shader. Every kind of brushes available from smallest size up to large sizes.  

brushes for watercolor painting "Art Line"

Watercolor Brushes “Art Line”

For our watercolor brushes "Art Line" we have been developed a blend of high quality synthetic hair. The brushes have a full body and best tips.

brushes for watercolours made of natural sable-imitation

Watercolor Brushes “Sabeline”

Watercolor Brushes "Sabeline" by kolibri are particularly popular in the bigger sizes for use in painting larger watercolors. The brushes are made of so called Sable Imitation. It means a first class coloured ox ear hair.  

Watercolor brushes "Super Mix" made of kolinsky- synthetic mixture

Watercolor Brushes “Super Mix”

Burshes for watercolor painting made of real Kolinsky and synthetic hair mixture. The very high color absorption capacity and  elasticity of Kolinsky is combined with durability of synthetic hair. These brushes are characterized by a very high stability of the shape and especiallyity  of the tip.    

round Brushes for watercolorists

Watercolor Brushes “Top Mix”

Round Watercolor Brushes made from a mixture of different natural and synthetic hair. The brushes are very elastic and have a good capacity to hold liquids.